Random Person Generator | User Identity, Account and Profile Generator

This page explains the rules that each parameter generates. and we have divided all the parameters into 7 sections

Section 1


This is the most important part, All fields below are generated on this basis. For example, height and weight are generated according to gender because men and women are different in height and weight usually. Starsigns, marital status, family members, and some other parameters are generated according to age.

Section 2


The parameters in this section are generated according to the facts, refer to some statistics about americans. For example, the American male and female height(weight) range and average height(weight). Most hair color is also a common color of american's hair color; starsign is matched to birthday; marital status, educational background and age are consistent. Some authoritative statistics are also referred to.

Section 3


This parameters in this section are also in line with the actual situation. For example, most people work full-time, and wages are within a range. The specific salary is generated according to age and educational background, but not entirely proportional to the age and the educational background, that's the truth.

Section 4


Credit cards are completely randomly generated, because it do not need to refer to any parameters. Account balance, orders, total amount of consumption are related to member score and level in section 6. PayPal account is the email address.

Section 5


All the parameters in this section are basically randomly generated, with reference to some factual data.

Section 6


These parameters are a whole, these are some common parameters that need to be recorded as a registered member. These parameters are related to each other, for example, registration IP address and the nearest login IP address, some members the same and others not. Login times are related to registration time, generally speaking, the longer you register, more times you log on. The points and level are related to the login times. Number of comments, posted articles are related to points.

Section 7


Of these parameters, only latitude and longitude and time zones match the city, and other parameters are randomly generated.